Getting a dog door requires some planning and research. Your choice depends on the size and nature of your pet and the locations that you have available for installing it. Though there are plenty of options available in hardware stores, building materials shops and on-line, sometimes people may find it difficult to get the right dog door. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, a great option is to go for custom dog doors. There are many reasons why a pet-owner would consider custom dog doors. Maybe you have a new dog that’s either very small or very big and standard door sizes available don’t fit. Or you want a custom dog door because your furry friend is now getting older, less nimble and not limber enough to squeeze through the old dog door.

Maybe you want a door that matches the rest of the decor in your patio or sun-room. Custom dog doors are available in a variety of options. Some can be fitted neatly on your entrance door or wall, while others fit into your sliding glass patio door. Custom dog doors can also be fixed on screen doors. Lockable doors, flaps fitted with magnets, external covers, security barriers, insect/rodent proofing etc are other features that can be added. You can design your own or select a basic door from a vendor who provides custom dog doors and add features that you want. Many building contractors also prefer custom dog doors as they are convenient and easy to work with unlike the standard pet doors available in the market.