Getting up a dozen times a day to let your canine friend in or out of the house can be quite a chore. Sometimes they want to step out and sniff the fresh air, other times, they need to pee or poo. They also love that sense of freedom to explore the interesting sights, sounds and smells in your yard. Pet door inserts are the perfect solution. You don’t need expensive, time-consuming and labor- intensive modifications. When you want to install your dog door insert you simply insert it into the frame of your patio’s sliding glass doors and your doggy is good to go – at any time of the day or night! Another great advantage of the dog door insert is that you get great energy-saving too, since you don’t need to open the entire door every time.

For DIY enthusiasts, the dog door insert is a breeze to install and comes at a very affordable price. Since you don’t need to modify your existing doors, dog door inserts are extremely wallet-friendly.They’re durable, almost maintenance-free and easy to clean. Remember to keep your dog’s size and weight in mind when you choose your dog door insert. Another factor that matters is doggy’s age. Older dogs find it difficult to bend and squeeze through narrow, small doors. However, on the flip side, there are a few points to keep in mind while selecting dog door inserts. They’re not suitable for places with big temperature variations, as they’re non-insulating. Apart from this, they’re indeed a wonderful gift for your canine pal!