Pet Patio Door Panels – Sliding Door Dog Door Inserts

Sliding Door Dog Door Inserts

Almost all of the pet door panels available online are made with adjustable and spring loaded designs.To make matters worse, they are also very slim when compared to our custom made, thick and reinforced sliding door pet panels.

You don’t want a flimsy and usually much thinner pet door panel added to your patio doors, they’re not secure and compromise the energy efficiency of your home.

Our pet doors are made with the same quality, thick frame and gorgeous aesthetics of our new vinyl doors.

Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

Our pet door panels fit easily into your existing sliding glass door, and unlike the cheaper and mass produced options available online and in local hardware stores, it will sit perfectly in your door frame.

Installation does not require screws to secure the panel, unless you prefer to add one to the door frame for additional security once you’ve fell in love with the new door.

Everything you need is included to install the door with ease. Commercial grade velcro and a vinyl “H” bracket are shipped with every dog door.

Enjoy the Freedom of a Pet Door With our Unmatched Sliding Door Inserts

A sliding door insert is an excellent way to give your pet access to the back or sides of your home without replacing your patio doors.

Watch the video below for a complete tutorial on measuring your patio door track height. We have also put together information on measuring your pet for the proper door flap.

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