Premium Pet Doors Los Angeles

Premium Pet Doors: Custom Made Los Angeles

Order Dog Doors & Cat Doors for any sized sliding glass patio door made just for you and your pets!

Our pet doors are high grade, thick, reinforced, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The white and almond color options ensure a great match to your existing patio doors.

Unlike most non-ideal pet products and pet doors that are not great for home, our pet doors are custom made to order so they fit perfect!

Custom Made Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

Pet Doors Los Angeles

Of course this means we don’t ship out your pet’s door insert immediately, as we must literally engineer then manufacture it.

This process however, does not require more than 7-10 days after receiving your online order.

Once completed, your pet door insert is shipped via FedEX or UPS ground from our factory in Los Angeles.

For tips measuring your pet, or sliding door height, please click the links or shop now if you’re ready!