Measuring Pets for Dog Door Flap Size

All doors will be custom made to the exact height of your sliding doors, and our installation does not require any screws into your existing door so you can rest assured that your warranty stays in tact. Our competitor’s pet doors are all one size, require metal spacers and drilling into your doors, voiding your lifetime warranty. measuring We know you may not be sure exactly what door is best for your little guy or girl, but below are some tips on measuring your pet.

Be sure to measure the widest part of your pets chest / shoulders.

Also measure from the torso of your pet by measuring the height from lower stomach to his back.

The shoulder measurement is for width, the back to stomach is height.

Most small dogs have more than enough room with our smaller flap. Medium sized dogs (20/35 lbs) may be uncomfortable with the smaller door, as the limit is 35 lbs and the smaller flaps are less than 7 inches wide.

For all large dogs, the weight limit is 90 lbs on the larger flap, but please be sure to measure your pet in the areas pictured above.

All doors are made custom to the exact height of your sliding door and the installation requires no screws to make sure your existing warranty stays in tact.

Measuring Pets

Most pets under 35 lbs are at home with the medium door flap. If your pet is on the larger spectrum of 30-35 lbs, it may be best to give them the space and order the large door flap.

All pets under 20 lbs will have ample room to enter and exit with the medium door flap.

Door Height

The best way is to use a tape measure, and then measure from edge to edge of your existing vinyl sliding glass patio door, not the track itself! Watch the video above, they start right under the door with a measuring tape.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing changes for doors over 80 inches to cover the added material costs.
All doors 80″ and below are billed the same low price, only changing with flap size.
The Storm Door is the top of the line unit.

Door Flap Size

The clear vinyl flap is available in three sizes.

Small is 5″ x 7″ for a total width of 6-1/4”.  You can choose between no rise, a 4″ or 6″ rise. This is suitable for pets under 15 lbs.

Medium is 7” x 11-1/4” for a total width of 12-1/4”. You can choose between no rise, a 4″ or 6″ rise. This is suitable for pets under 35 lbs.

X-Large door flap measures 10.5” x 15” for a total width of 16-3/4”. You can choose between no rise, a 4″ or 6″ rise. For larger pets up to 90lbs.

Choose Between No-Rise, 1 Inch or 4 Inch Rise